Thursday, April 26, 2007

hey people.. i was at the most fun place in sunway on the 19th of April - LAGOON, baby!!! it was really so much fun.. with the best people of coz.. Hong, Jason, Winnie, Shafiq, and Alissa... well, supposely go with that GEoffrey also de, but that fella went play futsal until late at nite and fong our fei kei to lagoon.. (geoff, you'll nvr hear the end of this)- hahahhah- but anyway, here's some pictures we took (courtesy of winnie and hong's blog-hehehe), all the swwet sweet memories together....

when we were all dry..

chu chu.... roller coaster baby! *thank you to the 'ahneh' for helping us take picture*

jump to the water to take picture? so dai ling ngong leh... =)

hong.. no need to show off your body la.. we all know its very nice la..

too bad no hong's face.. on second thought.. LUCKY NO HONG.. hahahah

hong.. lookin' HOT....

So cute la...!!!

another dai ling ngong jumping picture.. hahahahahha

and.. by the and of the day.... keluarlah kita...

FUN WAS FUN BUT...... guess wat happen in the end...??


i've warned ya...

can you feel my pain by just lookin at it...???!!

see my leg, one bengkak ad... hahaah *like pig's leg*

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Saturday, April 14, 2007

noob... *sigh*

hey people... i finally have my own blogspot!! after seeing everyone having their own place to blog, i jealous gila.. so here i am, creating my blog.. hehehhehehe.. so exiting la.. (jakunnya aku) *sigh* but anyway, hope you ppl will enjoy my currently empty blog but i'll definately post stuff from time to time..!! *maklumlah, no internet at home* *sigh sigh sigh*..