Monday, November 26, 2007

I went to a super gorgeous restaurant in Ulu Langat yesterday with my camp team-mates, Cao Cao and other new frens form FGA church. The restaurant is located on a hill top and can see the whole KL view from the restaurant.. That's not the best part, the best part is... throughout the whole time while I'm eating, the restaurant put up Jay Chou's concert in Taiwan..!! fu-la-mak..!! i eat also damn syok..!! but too bad, i lost my voice so cant sing..!!! sob sob.. so susahlah without my voice, can't sing and can't TALK..!! that's the worst part!! cant even talk.. damn susah have to keep quiet the whole time in class today.. sob sob..

Pictures in Ulu Langat..:

me with KL behind me.. ^__^

Mee Kee and I>>
Deborah, Me and Charlie

blurr but nice.. heheheh

Charlie and I (playing.>>)
Joseph and I

the girlszz (Pooi Kee dunno run where ad..)

Tc, me, Yi Wen and Pei Yi (Joseph behind)


cant really see everyone.. (i'm down there.. can seee??...)

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

As some of you all might know I went for a youth camp last Friday till Sunday. And it was soooo much FUN..!! It was considered one of the best three days of my life.. it was just filled with love, warmth, team spirit, *fear*, happiness, joy, trilled, sad, satisfied, and all other mixed feeling.. I really enjoyed my time there, with the company of EVERYONE from my team..!! Go Cao Cao..!! And thanks Robin (Ooi) for inviting me to this camp.. I have learnt a lot from this camp too..

can you see me and my team??

Friday, 16th Nov

I arrived at El Sanctuary, Alor Gajah, Melacca around 3 pm and was shocked to see that place. It was a chalet inside a jungle full with dogs and puppies.. (Darn cute..!!) and then we settled in out respective dorm after registering. My dorm is in Chalet 4 with 6 other girls – Mee Kee, Deborah, Ashley, Cool (Pooi Kee), Pui San (Joanne), and Fei Shien. Lucky I know MK, Debs and Ashley already before this camp so it wasn;t so awkward tp be in the same dorm with them. After getting to know the rest, I realize I couldn’t wish for a better dorm mates. The seven of us bonded straight away.

*I tried to meet up with Wei Hong but my camping place was too far inside so I told him not to come.. ^__^*

We then went to the hall for team builing session and I got to know the rest of my team members – Robin, Tim Ci (TC), Chris, Charlie and Choon Ket (CK). Our team name is called Cao Cao which is one of the general’s names in China (All the other team name were also based on this factor such as Chu Ke Liang, Liu Bang, Zhang Fei, Huang Chong etc). There were 10 teams in total. We played a team game whereby a number of leg and hand to be place in a mahjong paper – gila hard to play but so much fun!.. We laughed along the way. This game can really make the team bond as one. After the game, each team has to build a flag of our own based on our creativity. It was so much fun painting and designing the flag! We bonded as a team in this flag making session and I LOVE MY TEAM..!! Nice tak the flag my team designed..?? hehehe.. *I’m so proud of them..!!*

Team slogan:
Chou chou chou, (noisy noisy noisy)
Chou mei chou? (noisy wat?)
Cao cao hai dou mm hou chou. (Cao cao is here, shut up)
Gun guan hang deng lo tak dou. (champion must be in our hands)
We are Cao cao *claps* cao cao *claps* cao cao claps!
*evil laughs*

my team flag!! nice nice..??

MK and Charlie doing the stick..

The GIRLZZ...>> *Cool, FS, Ashley, Pui San, MK, leng lui, Debs*

the BOYZZ...>> *CK, TC, Chris, Robin, Charlie*

hawt chiq with flag.. hahaha

Ashley and CK

Cool, Pui San and Ashley

TC and Chris

Pui San and Robin (team leader)

my team >> CAO CAO

my team 2

the girlZZ 2..

After doing the flag, we went for dinner and the food was delicious..!! I forgotten what we ate but I know it was yummy! Hahahha.. And then was the opening ceremony for this New Generation Challenge Camp filled with performance, bands, singing and cheering *so much fun!!* And last but not least on the first night, we had jungle adventure games! I bodohly ter-twisted my ankle before the game and suffered throughout the whole camp but that didn’t break my spirit to have fun!! The game was like a race to find clue about a murderer and the challenge we faced was related to ghost. For example: 2 girls (MK and Cool) have to climb up the staird where it was all dark to memorize a series of number with a creepy chinese background song (wo deng zhe ni hui lai) *gila scary!!* And 2 girls (again Mk and Cool) have to peel apple skin in front of a mirror without breaking the skin in the toilet alone!! Besides that, 3 pairs have to go into a dark old trailer filled with crickets to find a small tiny key for the next clue. I went in this old trailer with Robin as one of the pair. I was damn scared and disgusted but lucky got Robin to hold my hand and he was the brave one. I just walked wherever he walked and just touch, poke and feel the sides. Hahaha. Before we finish finding our clue, it started to rain like cats and dogs but we continued the race. We were damn semangat-ed to finish up the task. We also went into the river and did a challenge there (too long to explain) and my team did it the fastest!! Yay! Go Cao Cao..!!

Robin, me, MK

Ashley and Charlie

girl power..!!

other team with their flags..>>

which team flag is the nicest ya..??

The game ended bout 1 plus but Ashley was feeling sick, Debs was ‘uncomfortable’, my leg was aching and the rest of the girls were tired. So we went back to our chalet and rest before the thing ended. We ended up playing ‘Heart Attack’ in our chalet with keropok to fill out stomach.

Saturday, 17th Nov.

We woke up at 8.30 and took our turns to bath. My ankle was aching like no bodies business, luckily Cool and Ashley massaged for me.. *thanks guys! I really appreciate it!!* We had our breakfast (pancake, fried bihun etc) and went to the hall for our next activity – Financial Activities. We had like a talk about managing out financial, loans and saving etc. We played a game which somehow looks like monopoly but the low budget one. It was quite fun geh that game. But lots of miscommunication that costs me to feel kinda de-mood ad.. After the ‘monopoly’, we all went for lunch!

After lunch was Super Challenge Games’! The game that was played was:
1) Marathon – one member MUST be carried by another member. (I didn’t participate due to my injury)
2) Drinking Coke from a straw – Stand about 2 metres away from the coke bottle and build a super long straw and try to drink from the bottle. *Damn hard to drink the coke*
3) Watermelon Juice – Squeeze watermelon juice from the fruit with your hand or mouth. Only juice should be in the 2 bottles, not the fruits sisa.
4) Try to carry up an egg using raffia strings – team work is required! *playing this game makes our team realize that we do not like to listen to instruction – like to do our own way*
5) Fill water into wo big bottle from a water of pail by channelling the water through a long and big hose (easy job..!!)
6) Water volleyball – two members (Pui San and I) tries to throw water balloon to the other side while the rest of the team lay down on the sand, blindfolded, getting ready to get wet if got hit!
7) Tarik Tali – 3 girls (Ashley, Mk and Cool) and 2 guys (Charlie and CK) pulls the rope individually with the other selected opponent player. *WE WON..!!!*
8) Fear factor – the team is divided into two (6 by 6) and one group have to put their hand into glue to find a tiny button and the other one (mine) put their hand into a pail with catfish to find a button as well. Next, 4 team members (Cool, Pui San, TC and Charlie, I think) have to eat one alive worm each. *I escaped from this task..! hahah..*

After the games it was free time for us (We played card games in the dorm again) and then it was dinner. The dinner ws damn luxurious – lamb chop, BBQ chicken wing, sausages, ikan bakar, salad, potato salad, CLAMS.. etc!! Since it was the last night, we all took picture with each other. I feel so sad after having the thoughts that I’ll be leaving the place tomorrow. *sob sob*

the food.. ya allah!! gila sedap..~~

Pooi Kee and I

Pui San and I

Debs, Robin and me..

Charlie and I

Mk,me and Debs >> camwhoring~~

Us and CK

Terrence and I

After diiner was…. NIGHT CONCERT..!! Fulamak.. This concert is crazily enjoyable. There’s singing, drama, band and presentation that night. I CRIED while watching the drama – it was about family matters: somehow like ‘I’m not stupid’.. Damn touching. The concert was a blast. We cried while singing the songs because we were so emo about having to be separated the next day. *I miss my team mates!!* We encored and encored for the singing that night cause we were all damn ‘high’ ad..

the pastor, Jonathan (I think... ^__^)

we cried during the drama.. gila sad.. about family stuff>>

The concert finally ended bout 1 a.m. but none of us were planning to sleep. So we all decided to go to the eating area and play games etc. We played heart attack with punishments to the loser and ‘uno-stacko’. Finally some of us cant tahan went back to the dorm and sleep. But me, Mk, Debs, Cool, Fei Shien and Ashley were outside the dorm with Chris, TC, Vincent (I think) playing bluff/bullshit/cheat. Bout 1 hour plus of playing the game, only me, Mk and Vincent couldn’t sleep – the rest cannot tahan ad. So we played ‘kam min thoi’. That Vincent guy is gila funny!! I’ve never seen such friendly guy like him before. And bout 5 plus, me and Mk decided to go to sleep. We got bored of that game already.

Sunday, 18th Nov :-(

Wake up, breakfast (spaghetti and fried rice) and went for the closing ceremony. Goddness, damn sad have to leave the place ad!! But there were games instilled in the last day also. First was building a structure that was the tallest one between the 10 groups that could support 3 eggs. I came up with an idea and the team used it (hehehe).. then there was tarik tali again, but this time all five members will pull together (Cool, TC, Mk, Ashley, and Robin). We won, of coz!! Hahaha!!

And then go abck to the dorm to tidy up our belongings to balik rumah! So sad..*sob sob* Before we left, we took lots of group pictures but all the pictures with CK.. ish..

Us building the structure..

Other team trying to push out structure down but too bad >> CANNOT..!!

wo-hoo!! group picture..

Deborah and I posers..~~

posing somemore...~~ ^__^

Chalet 4 girlzz!! miss you girls..!!

tarik tali.. WE WON..!!

Bye El Sanctuary..!!

Ashley and Pooi Kee (cool) in the bus..

and Debs and Pui San as well~~

The trip is OVER..~~ We reach Kl bout 6 p.m.

My dear team mates: I MISS YOU GUYS A LOT..!!!