Monday, October 22, 2007

Moto GP ambassador

wow!! i gila dark now wei/..!! stupid moto GP job.. make me go all the way to Sepang.. lucky got good pay.. have to stand under the hot sun (lucky got umbrella), give out calender and SMILE and take picture with everybody.. but the best thing is.. got lots of ANG MO..!! hahha// topless ang mo some more.. wakaka.. then got lots of Japanese people and not to mention, Malaysians MAT REMPIT..!! damn lots of lala malays there lo.. sampat gila.. keep blowing whistle *vue-wiet* like there's no tomorrow only.. dah lah have to stand under hot sun, have to endure their 'harassment' some more.. deng-ness.. but anyway.. its my fist time to sepang.. under any circumstances, i dun think I'll go sepang de.. too damn hot and noisy.. and i thin this year's winner is Casey Stoner.. no more Nicky Hayden (he's tissot ambassador, btw.. damn leng chai one..!!)

the sepang track .. see the no.15? the whole line are thats the place where all the booth's are.. including tissot..
Jane + I

Jane + Mia

Mia + I
me under the umbrella.. ^_^

me again ..~~
me me me..!!!
some of the tissot crew = jason, Hui Jing, me, Andrew and Kevin

tissot truck..
the sepang curcuit.. (I manage to take the moto's picture while its moving..!!)

some of the Ducati ambassodor, if i'm not wrong..

Honda show room.. the bikes super cool!!

my entry pass.. hahaha..
Tissot limited edition watch.. (dun think got ppl but though.. damn expensive.. i think bout RM6000 plus)

Random picture i took.. it look damn very cool..

scary rite my hand..?? ya allah~~ not only my arm, my legs also red ad..!! GG-ness..

prom dress shoppin..!!!

last tuesday i went out with the girls (deborah, Rachel au, rachel law) for prom dress hunt..!! damn excited to go to MV in the morning geh, but mana tahu damn lots of sial case happen before i even reach that place *dun wanna talk bout it* but anyway, i tried on many dresses but ONE of the if suitable and more importantly, affordable.. hahaha.. here are picture of me in different dresses.. :

ALL me..!! PRETTY KE...?? hahaha

debs + me, rachel + me

rachel LAW looking "tall' *hahahhaha*

Deborah looking stunning with her 'hawt' body..

Rachel AU.. damn it ar, she wear wat dres also looks damn nice (tall ppl got advantage) *jealous*



Monday, October 15, 2007

late night movie

I just came back from watching 'I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry'. this is considered my first time watching a late night movie.. watch until one something.. den after movie the six of us went yum cha in Ming Tian (Taman Megah).. mana tahu sit and chat until 3 something ad.. lucky i went back tak kena marah.. (since my sister also haven come back from her fren's bday party).. haha.. but going back to the show, i kinda like this show.. its humorous and yet its kinda serious in the sense that it fights for gay and lesbians rights. I don't really discriminate gays/lesbian (since i have a lot of these frens) but i know some people who really really ANTI-same sex relationship. I once read from an article saying, "We are born to this world as half. As we grow older, we have to find the other half to complete yourself. Your other half could be in any shape, form or sizes".. that means that some body's other half could be in a different religion or race or even the same sex. the show also tells a lot bout friendship, the length that Chucky is willing to go for Larry really amazes me. I mean, how many of us are willing to do that for a friend?? To THAT extend.. *wow*

*I went to Summit before going to 1U for the movie (wait for inn and phan to close shop first)*
We went to Mandy's and eat our dinner + take picture together:

me and sammy tried to camwhore (kena busted..!!)

all of us (candid shot) + Inn and I

Sammy and I (I love this picture..!!) + MK and I
*i realize i look the same in every picture..!! ~ya allah..~

MK took my picture while we were talking by the stairs (they say i look pretty here!! hahahah)

Us in 1U waiting for the movie time:

Inn and I

Saturday, October 13, 2007

today I'm feeling very happy.. i realize that i have a loving family (aside from my dad) and a bunch caring friends. What more can a person ask for? Okla, maybe besides this two things, a person also need love from their partner. But since i dun have that, I'll just be thankful to God for granting me with my family and friends.. i just came back from yum cha with Kah Inn and Mee Kee.. today dun have Sammy with us, if not it'll be perfect.. nowadays, four of us love to go yumcha together.. after the yum cha session, we would just park the car outside my house and have some girl talk.. *about our family, college, life, love etc* we are sort of going through an emo stage in life.. its more like Kah Inn and Mee Kee are going through this stage.. mine and Sammy's are gonna end already.. it really means a lot to have friends you can rely on, to talk to , to advise you and to be 'there' for you.. somethings in life you just cant say or discuss it with your family members.. that's why we always need true frens in life. I've found my true friends already.. Have you..?? These friends would stick by your side, care for you and love you unconditionally; no matter how 'stupid' you or how broken or dependent you've become.

my true and bestest friends since secondary school are (in rondom position):

- Kah Inn

- Sammy

- Mee Kee

- Shiu siang

- E li

- Sam

Although I've kinda lost contact with Shiu Siang and Sam since they're in Australia and Singapore, i still have the rest who are still in Selangor. *thank God* if they're not here, i think I'll die of depression or even be a loner~~ oh, and thank you Wai Phan also for appearing in my life. your jokes never fail to make me laugh.. thank for listening about my crap with 'that fella' and i hope 'your problem' would pass soon so you won't have to suffer anymore.. ^_^

we decided to camwhore in the car ~~ *nothing betta to do*

Inn and I

Inn, me and Mee Kee

we found cigerette in Kah Inn's bag (Wp's one) and MK says its nice wor.. so we...

TRIED it..~~ !! hhahahahhaa...

den we make funny poses with the cigerette.. bunch of so-hai's..!!

sorry for the stupidness each of us possess.. but looking back at the pictures, its in front of true frens that we can be our silly self, right..?? ^_^
F.Y.I : If you can see properly, the cigerette is not even lit up.. *i'm a good girl after all..~~hahah!! *

Wai Phan and I..