Thursday, July 26, 2007

Monday, July 23, 2007

After talking bout the concert bout almost a month now, the day has finally arrived! Although my mom forbids me to join the concert, i went anyway.. since it was so near my house!! And also i don't like to FFK people (Deborah).. I'm a woman of words.. =) ..

As I arrived there, the concert started already!! i was a lil' late coz my sister keep slowing me down.. *ish* .. As i arrived there, an Australian band, 'INTONE', was performing on stage.. they were AWESOME!! me and deborah went right in front of the stage to dance.. the vocalist is a bit the leng chai lo, actually.. =0.. ANYWAY, The concert lasted bout 3 hours and Deborah was feeling sick the whole time!! *Drink more water, gal!*

'INTONE' - Australian band

lead singer - Chris Harris (in red)

Sick Deborah and me

Mark and Chris Harris (they're brothers!!)

A token of appreciation

Me, Mark, Chris, and Deb

Their releases :

Saturday, July 21, 2007

hey gal.. As promised, I'm posting up my college frens pictures for you to see.. =) And can you believe we actually talked bout for about 1 and the half hours yesterday..?? damn long wei.. so many things to catch up on.. anyway. here are the pictures..:

This is almost every member in my class..
*pic taken after our first event. metamorphosis*

Another picture of my class.. but not everyone is in it..

A picture of me and my WIFE, Florence.. =)

And this is Winnie.. my new camwhore friend.. hehe..!!

oh.. Gay-ism happens ALL THE TIME in our class.. =)
*fyi: that's Kien and wei hong*

This is 'my family' in the class...
From left: Wei jiin (the big bro), robin (my brother), wei hong (my ji mui), me and Jason (my camwhore fren oso).. =)

And this is me in the Taman Megah handicap home.. =)

Saturday, July 7, 2007


nice leh? nice leh??

Friday, 6 July

I am officially working every friday, saturday and sunday in Giant Hypermarket Kelana Jaya!! working hours: 10am - 6 pm.. lucky on 2 pm onward got one more promoter teman me.. I, as usual, promote magnolia ice cream.. 70 bucks for 7 hours.. =) .. $$..

"ice cream.. ice cream.. ninety nine cents only!!"

kent, the fella who teman me after 2 pm..

After working, i to 1 Utama to eat JAPANESE BUFFET!! in shogun!! ok la the food.. very filling.. i eat and drink lots and lots of sushies, octopus, soba, ice cream, eel, shark fin soup, miso soup, clams, oyster, cawan mushi, cakes, green tea, prawns and lots lots more.>!! haha (dun jealous oh..)


wasabi.. hahahhaa

lots of sushies..!!


shark fin soup

soba noodles

and then i went back to my first uncles house to celeb his 58th birthday.. with a really hard cake made by my super 'genius' cousin.. hahaha.. but the cake can keep up to half a year de.. its rum flavoured cake.. coated with super hard sugar..

rum cake