Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas at TGIF

For this christmas I've been kinda staying at home and chill with my mom and sister.. then later in the evening went to TGIF for dinner at section 14.. ^__^

Then later at night went to meet Kah Inn's friends to play "mafia" until 2 something.. kinda fun oh that game..

my sis eatin the something with cheese in it..
super delicious!!
my dad posing the present we bought for him for xmas~~

my mom's turn..~~

my sis with mom and dad~~

me with my mom and dad~~

Monday, December 24, 2007

three syok dayzz..

wa..~~ so long I didn't blog ad.. time to blog everything that i have been up to now.. heheh.. lets start from 19th dec.. i went out to MV with Sam Yvonne..!! who just came back from spore.. i bought a halter top from pdi.. hehe..

the next day ---> 20th dec.. i went for a DANCE WORKSHOP in the morning den went for SHABU SHABU at bandar puteri than to bukit puteri for some fresh air and sight seeing.. ^__^ .. owh, before that went to pyramid to get xmas present to exchange among ourself.. ^__

me and debs punya present for other ppl

the present i choose.. [from robin]

me and victor camwhoring while waiting for ther people to come~~

us at shabu-shabu.. E-N-J-O-Y-I-N-G..~~

the amount of food we eat~~
[this is only one third of it]

scenery at bukit puteri at night..

next, i would like to blog about 21st dec.. which is the next day.. ^_^ me and deborah (again~~) went to sungai wang.. w-h-y..?? TO SHOP..!! heheh.. i bought damn lots of stuff adnd in the end of the day, broke / pokai like crazy. have to borrow money from my sister somemore!! hehehe..

Bought :

Spend: Rm 60 ++

OWH.>!! and deborah cut her hair..!!

how she look?? damn different..!! almost can't recognise her..!! hahaha

23rd dec.. my god.. i'm like writing a diary only.. hahah.. went out to mv [again..] with 3 bunch of friends:

batch 1: deborah, rachel au and law, tash and nils
batch 2: sam yvonne, eugene, chaiyan and daniel
batch 3: robin, puisan, terrence, pooi kee and mei bao

i watched national treasure 2 there and took some interesting pics in the gardens..
debs, eugene and some hot chiq

found a restaurant with my name on it.. ^__^

owh, almost forgotten...

15 dec {lets go turn the clock back time..}
my belover FiCM-ers.. take good care of yourself no matter where you girls and guys are and MERRY CHRISTMAS..!!
our final grouping moments..>>
Venue: Dara's farm and the waterfall in ulu langat..
super far but worth it..

all of us.. {almost}
*no comment*

debs and hong on the pony.. riding..~~

two idiots by the waterfall.. ^__^
*pics taken from deborah evangeline gan's blog..*

Sunday, December 9, 2007

ANIMAL ~ ~ ~

As some of you'll know I've been working this past 2 days.. work as flyer girl and M-O-D-E-L for 'Animal'..!! hahaha.. so unexpected right..?? the funny thing is, i haven even heard of this shop, 'Animal' before.. i thought it was a pet shop or some sort.. mana tahu they sell clothings de.. and apparently they have outlet in pyramid, Pavilion and the Gardens.. and the price is quite expensive..!! They gave me a shock when i found out i have to model on stage..!! in pyramid some more..!! haha.. but anyhow, it's the experience that count. i meet lots of new friends there.. including the girls that work with me and a bunch of super talented guys from ipoh.. fulamak, they dance giler chun-ted..!!

me trying out their clothing..~~

before the show starts..

me MODELLING on stage..!! hahaha..~~


Group picture:

we four girlzz~

after the last show.. ~relieve-ness~

the girlz with mervin..

this fella gila look like alex fong lek san..!!
*dunno whats his name..~~*

mervin and I..~~
*some say he look like Bosco (the Kim Gary ambassador)*

me and 'chao-ke-li"
(energy's Niu Nai good childhood friend)

the boyz doing their thing on stage.. COOLNESS.!!

*so pai-seh have to let you see i catwalk.. hahaha*