Friday, June 27, 2008

A tag from Deb Deb.

TAG No. 1
List eight (8) random facts about yourself. Tag eight people at the end of this post and list their names. Let them know they have been tagged by leaving them a comment on their blogs.

1. i love to watch cartoons / anime.
2. I loves sleepin ( WOO-HOO..!!).
3. I hate people manja me (beh tahan..).
4. I use to have a crush on my primary skol teacher (hehehe..).
5. I love to eat (esp. at night.. fei sei..).
6. I admire people that can play music instuments.
7. I love to maggie goreng when I go yum cha.
8. I use to have a smelly small pillow (now dunno go where ad. sob sob).

TAG No. 28
things I am passionate about:

1. Sleepin (must be number one!)
2. Dancing
3. Sedap food
4. Watching movie
5. Yum cha
6. Shopping (with cash around.. hehhe)
7. Reading fanfics
8. Camping + Outdoor activities

Things I say too often:

1. Shit..
2. F**k (last time.. now a bit only) ^__^
3. and...??
4. Babinya~~
5. Yo yo yo, wassup..??
6. Oh ya ho~~
7. G-damn (thx to kien~)
8. wei~ Don't like dat la..~~

books I’ve read recently:

1. Bible for children
2. Child of Satan, Child of God (so contradicting, I know..)
3. Signals
4. No more!! i hate reading!! hahaha

8 songs I could listen to over and over again FOR THE MOMENT:

1. Don't wanna miss a thing -David Cook
2. Wu Ke Qiu Yao - Ping Guan
3. Forever love - Lee hom
4. Ai De Jiu Si Ni - Lee Hom
5. Wo Ai De Ren - Jordan Chan
6. Here in my home - Malaysian Artiste for Unity
7. Kui Ji - Jay Chou
8. How to Save a Life - The Fray

TAG No.3
Would you go out with you?
State the reasons why you would, and why you wouldn't, and then come to a conclusion at the end.

Why should I? mind as well go alone right? besides, I like meeting new people.. ^__^

Oh ya, dicided not to tag anyone. hehehe, I'm breaking this chain reation~

Thursday, June 26, 2008

YAYYYYYYYYYYY..!! I finally found the jacket i wanted..!! After walking soooo long in Sg. Wang, finally i get to buy the jacket within my budget.. and its my favourite character:

Ya allah, was so damn happy when i found it.. Thanks Fang for teman-ing me the whole day.. hehehe... and today i heard KL sentral got bomb there, so they closed it.. First time oh I see KL sentral closed, only got police inside.. Den we have to take all the way the Dang Wangi to take the monorail. Damn sesat when we went D.Wangi there, have to ask people where is the monorail. hahaha.. Mana tau the walk is so damn far.. KL sentral betta!!

~ Fang and I ~

Sunday, June 22, 2008

woo hoo~~!! i can finally feel the holidays~ No stressing up for assignment, no worrying bout what to wear the next day, no more reading (thank god..!!) and finally, can go kai kai~~ hahaha

Today I went Mv with my two 'wife' - Sammy and Kah Inn to Mid VAlley.. First we went and buy Big Apple, den go Sweet Chat there and order stuff to eat while planning to eat the doughnuts. Mana tau eat until so full, den can't fit the doughnut to our stomach ad.. We three like pregnant women only, damn super big our tummy.. hahaha..

Den we go walk walk around Mv, but damn sad la, can see cannot buy.. three of us also pokai ad.. hahha.. damn sad.. I can't wait to sing k with them!!

And not to mention - Its has been a durian fiesta today.. dahla go Mv eat durian stuff, balik rumah damn cha dou - daddy bought back 4 durian.. My nose gonna bleed ad.. ~~

Beef PAsta.. its sedap la if not so spicy de hua..

first time tried: Durian Pancake..
wa, gotta thank Inn for intro-ing.. damn sedap lo!!

BBQ Honey Chicken ROAST dunno what BURGER.. hhaha
Sedap sedap sedap!! eat that one next time!!

Durian cendol~ need to explain further?

All that we eat
We bought Big Apple 2 Duren duren~
stress ad~ hahaha

Went back home eat during somemore!!

To all my classmates:
Use your time wisely and buy souvenirs back for me if you go outstation ah!! hehehe..

Friday, June 20, 2008

WOo - Hoo..~!! Feeling so happy now..!! Finally its holiday!! can't wait to go out (with cash by my side).. no cash is just pure sadness~ hahah.. I wanna go Sg. Wang and buy the LALA jacket!! the baby milo de.. cant wait to go.. aihz, during holiday dunno wat to do la.. feeling a bit lost now a days.. dunno why~~ got plans during weekends though.. weekdays i shall just stay home and WATCH DRAMA!! hehehe.. so many shows to watch~~ anyone wanna date me during the hols are most welcome to! heheh.. but not to expensive place la.. dun wanna be broke during the hols. ^__^

I wanna work but lazy pulak~~ feeling like just rotting at home~~ Lost all my will to work and earn money~ aihz~~

But anyway, i wanna post lots of pictures.. hehehe.. Firstly is about today, one of my leng lui classmate leaving to Penang.. Hope she hates it there den can return to Taylors.. hahhaa.. She's Sharon by the way~~ ^__^
Not to mention, today for her farewell, we camwhored in the Media hub and went for Steamboat at Yuen.. the pictures taken were hilarious!! damn gila we all.. haha

In the pics:
Me, Sharon, HSL, Pei Hwa, Edmund, Jason
Secondly is pictures with Sammy who I went interview with the other day~ we went shopping as well - didn't get to buy anything.. aihz~

And last but not least, my outing with my almost a year tak jumpa punya high school frens - Alyssa, Chai Yan and DAniel.. we went and watch.. erm....... dun member thim.. haha, but we're goin this weekend to watch Prom Night.. heheheh..

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Aihz, since I can't sleep (thx to the assignment), I blog je la~~ ^__^

I think i too stress until can't sleep.. hahaha..

Today I went to celebrate father's day with my daddy in pyramid + went shopping for my sister's working clothes.. Yup, she start to work ad ^__^ but she won't give me money so soon yet.. sob sob~~ hahaha

Oh ya, I also shop with her.. heheh.. i bought two new top from PDI.. wanted to buy the sandals from vincci but tak ada ad.. aihz.. damn sad.. I think I wanna go 1 Utama and Mv and look for it.. (but have to wait for holiday dulu) aihz aihz aihz~~

We went to one restaurant called Gohan de Pasta (or stg like that..) it's next to Pancake house and around J Co.. was kinda disappointed with the food la.. so small portion!! so NOT worth the money.. but nvm, since its fathers day, I keep a good attitude.. ^__^ and that waiter fella, so bloody deaf and blind.. aihz, potong steam only~~

Looks so damn good right? but very lil' only they serve.. The cabonara is good but the spaghetti not very good.. sorry for the last picture, looks kinda disgusting ha? hahha.. the picture was half way taken when we are eating.. hahha..
Lucky they are not kedekut with the ingredients, if not, COMPLAIN lo~~!!
Need to go sleep ad.. Still got 3 more questions to go for PR..!! YOSH..!!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Feeling like blogging about my church and its member.. so c'mon, lemme introduce you all to my church and its people.. These following pictures are all taken from Ck's camera and its all during the camp i went to lastmonth - Encounter God Camp..

First, lemme introduce you all to my Heart 6 members:

Wa, damn hard to tell their names..
So, in random:
Ck (leader),
Kim Quan
Mun Suet
Pui San
Pooi Kee
E Woon
Pei Yi
Mun Tong


Others 2 :

Heart leader and his wife

Pastor and one of the member

Concert night
Pastor preaching

~busy taking note~

Dance: Victor, Ee May, Deborah, Liang Jun

And last but not least..
superb big and fluffy dog~~
Dog of the Year award..!!