Monday, June 25, 2007

FRIDAY, 22nd June

i went to work in Subang Carrefour for MUNCHY's to promote their new product, GigaBite. its only 3.75 for one packet and it comes with an air-tight seal zip so you wouldn't have to eat everything at once. its really convenient as it come in a small packet!.. not only that, munchy's got mascot some more! the mascot damn cute! i got its picture!!!!

me in my 'uniform'

the mascot! fat and totally cute!

oh.. forgot to mention, i saw this bunch of Japanese guys and girls, all wear black and the guys are totally cute! i ask them to try my sampling and they were like 'sumimasen, sumimasen' and keep bowing their head.. *kawaii!!* den keep saying 'oishi, neh.. neh.. neh..' F*ing cute!!

SATURDAY, 23rd June

i went to work for munchy's again.. but in mid valley pulak.. this place unexpectedly got lots of leng chai..*hehehhe* but nothing really happen la.. i bought a CD player for my room!! with my own money! i feel damn proud of myself.. hehe.. but then i went back home with a extremely pain foot! standing whole day like no body's business.. haih..

my own CD player!

SUNDAY, 24th June

I woke up early in the morning to cut my hair.. oh my god! that fella went and cut my hair until i cant even recognise myself! i look so different! and he keep saying, 'cute ma, cute ma'.. ham ma de that fella! now i no muka to jumpa orang oso wei! but then later that afternoon i went to 1 Utama,. since i janji with people ad to go.. with my hair like dat, i kept looking at the mirror to fix my hair.. arr!!! so horrible!! Wo de ma ya!! then in 1U, we went to makan, den watch 'men in white'.. that show damn funny la.. is typical Singapore show la, but stupidly funny..

from left: Wei ling, chai yan, me in my weird hair, and Eu Jhin

me and my unforgivable hair and wei ling

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Sunday, June 10, 2007

My Personality

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Yesterday i had so much fun in the futsal tournament.. thanks Robin for inviting me!! me, Robin, 3 other guys and 3 others gals were put into one team..
there were also many teams there - Italy, France, Australia, Taiwan, Holland, Japan, S.Korea, Belgium etc. there were 20 teams all together. we matched with 9 different teams in total yesterday. -Won 5 matches but lost 4 matches- so, we couldn't make it to the semi finals.. semi finals was between S.Korea-Italy and Australia-Spain. After 15 minutes, the 2 teams who made it to the finals was Italy and Spain. Unfortunately, i didn't stay back to watch the finals as it was already 9 pm and my body was aching all over! so I'm guessing.. erm.. Italy won! heheh.. not sure though..

but anyway, today i woke up and my body was damn painful..!! All over!!! especially my leg.. cant even walk properly now.. guess i didn't do my warm up properly.. or maybe i didn't exercise for a very long time ad.. but I'm glad i went to the tournament yesterday as i got to meet lots of new people.. THANK AGAIN ROBIN! and sorry to the guy who got his ball stolen a few times by me and another team-mate of mine! hehe..

Rules of playing a guy-girl futsal:
- Girls score: 3 marks
Guys score: 1 mark
- Only girls can enter the D box
- Guys are not allowed to hit the girls upper body (face, chest, stomuch etc)
- Guys cannot touch girls when girls/guys are dribling the ball

from the first moment I've layed my eyes on you, i know you're gonna be that special one in my life..

never once I've doubted how i felt for you..

you made me realise that there are Mr.perfect in this world..

how i wish you're mine...

although many girls would set their eyes on you but i believe one day..

one fine day..

I'll be with you..

, danson tang ...!!!!

Monday, June 4, 2007

awesome toilet!

after eatin in the hotel, my dad decided to go jalan jalan in star hill.. bloody hell ar, that place damn geng! besiedes having all the expensive stuff there, toilet oso damn fui yo one!! First time oh i see such toilet..

have to turn the wheel to get the water out..! so old skol rite??

thats the sink..

Yesterday was the most filling dinner i've ever had in a long long long time.. not only was it filling, it was actually delicious..!! my dad decided to treat me, my sister and my mother to a 5 star hotel's buffet dinner.. so, we went to crown princess to eat.. since it was my first time to this kind of hotel, i was shocked to find that its not only a hotel where people could spent a night at, it was also a shopping complex.. imagine having "toy r' us" in a hotel and other shops.. but anyway, we hang around till 6.45 pm in the hotel den made our move to the buffet place.. it didn't meet up to my expentancy in the sense that it didn;t serve sushi! But i was damn trilled to find that they have lots of expensive and delicious food there.>!! so, each of us went and take a plate of our own favourite and start sharing.. my dad was like, "Don't take the desserts first! save it for the last" but i couldn't stand it.. i took a full plate anyway.! haha.. the food there is really too good looking to resist!

the part where all the dessert was served

the other side where all the main course food is served

the italian food section.. (salad, ham, etc)

oysters and mussels.. (as many as you want)

crabs and prawns


malaysian salad
my favourite: "kam heung" crab..!! ar.. sedap gila..!! poyol!
and SALMON!! very thick slices somemore.. damn worth it la..

cake for dessert *drools..*

lots of pudings!

and lychee puding cake.. (also darn nice)

choco cake for everyone!

another cake! chocolate cake somemore.>!

my mom eatin.. (but why she looks so angry de??)

my dad., (drink water first.. continue eat somemore!)

last but not least.. lets see the 'kam heung' crab again! hahaha