Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I went to yum cha yesterday night with a few if my high school ji mui's - Sammy, Kah Inn,m Mee Kee, and Hui Boon.. It's been such a long time since i've met up with Hui Boon.. bout a year or so~~ She didn't really change that much, whether its physical wise or the personality wise.. still the same boon I know.. (dunno its a good or bad thing) hahhaha..

But anyway, what i wanted to blog about is the time spend in the Millennium Square toilet takin pictures.. freakin camwhores man we all.. Damn f'king funny to tak epic in the toilet and some one walks into the toilet wondering wat the heck are we doin~~ but the lighting in the toilet is the BEST place to camwhore!! hahaha...

DAMN L-A-L-A, right??

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Forbidden Kingdom~~

ABOUT: An American teenager obsessed with martial arts cinema, is magically transported to ancient China where he meets three Chinese heroes who help him on his quest to free the Monkey King.

Went to watch Forbidden Kingdom in Cineleisure just now with my dad, mom and sis.. not like what i expected the show to be like la.. i tot it would be darn funny and cool but it was OK only.. the graphics was damn good, but sometimes the movie no logic punya.. make me go "wtf" sometimes.. really funny~~ funnily no logic.. hahaha..

While waiting for the movie, we went to eat some desserts in Miyoki (or stg like that)... damn nice la.. hahha.. but too much ice-cream for a day though..

~choco sundae~

~choco ice-cream~

dragon fruit smoothies *yucks!!*
looks damn sedap kan kan kan...????

After movie, we went to my cousin's restaurant, 'Bamboo Forest' in Damansara.. the food was okay only.. but i think its a good yum cha place, if its open at night la.. hahhaa.. the prawn mee was 'ownage' giler.. damn gila spicy.. but its sedap.. hahha..


wa, today woke up found out that my right eye damn red~~~ look like pontianak only.. hahha.. somemore went meeting and jangkit everyone there... hehehe.. i was so darn tored yeasterday coz of the oreintation.. i have to admit, it was actually kinda fun.. compared to the previous ones tat i attended.. i think its because i know more people ad so like very corner i turn also see a familiar face.. ^__^

the performance was kinda cool.. justin, laura and florence also got perform.. *s-e-x-y...~~* haha.. but we didn;t manage to eat the food there though, went late *again..* sow e went to the snoker place and ate..(have to pay ownself somemore~~) hahha...

Therer were also performance by mia valencia, frequency cannon, ludwic, and other taylor students.. there was also performance by a guy from sunway college that i happen to met while i was working in that college..

I have decided to dress up for the event.. haha, just for fun since i always go college so casually. so i wore a dress and a killer heels.. ya allah, i have to kaki ayam almost half of the event (including the dance floor etc).. can't take it, just too damn painful~~ but it was worth it.. haha, coz the heels is damn nice.. hahaha..
hehe. HOW DO I LOOK...??

S.P.Y. and I
~~more pics to come~~

Friday, April 25, 2008

Today went out to Mid Valley with Kar Seng, to hear bout his dilemma and 'sun pin' watch a movie.. heheh.. who would have though the movie we watch was sooooo darn B-O-R-I-N-G...~~ bored the shit outta me~~ though the beginning was funny but towards the end was boring~~ but we did get to spend a great time there, chatting and laughing.. and ejek each other bout 'our special someone'.. hahhahha..

My advice to all, dun waste your money tengok this movie.. it is about family but the story line is kinda not our age punya.. so save your money and belanja me makan betta, for telling you this.. HEHEEH..

ABOUT: Gang boss LEE has been on the wrong side of the law since childhood. As a young hoodlum, he was always at loggerheads with his authoritative mom, who tried time and again to guide him on the right track. While her words fall on deaf ears, Lee himself falls for an innocent lawyer named MABEL. However, when Mabel finds herself pregnant, the happy-go-lucky Lee decides to flee. Yet Mabel is determined to literally be part of Lee's life and moves into his apartment without warning. Lee can't help but venerate his girlfriend's naivety and dedication.When their baby HEIYI is born, it practically changes Lee's life forever, transforming him from a fearsome crime boss to a loving father. Desperate to protect her at all costs, Lee thrives to hide his shady business from his daughter forever, including complete makeovers for his gang members and legitimization of all his operations. As Heiyi reaches adolescence, however, the secret is eventually revealed and it breaks both Heiyi and Lee's hearts. On the other hand, Lee is heralded to become the new kingpin of the underworld, while his enemies are all ready to ensure his demise. Torn between family and brotherhood, Lee has to make the ultimate choice.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Ji Mui...!!

Hey ji mui!! happy birthday.. sorry couldn't celebrate with you tonight~~ I wait until no mood ad.. but at least we get to have some bonding session before i left college right??

Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ya~~!! Hope you'll have a great 20th birthday..~~ Cheer up, kay..~~!! MUAKS!!

For those who dunno who my ji mui is...


hehehe.. took some time for myself ..

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Yay!!! got new PC.. yay yay yay~~!! its DELL~~ hahhaa.. the old pc currently in my room.. hehe, my room damn cool now.. got radio, computer and my bed.. hahah *lame~~* i can watch movie in my room till late at night ad.. hehe.. now left air-cond only.. heheh.. lets take a look at my new coomputer~~ heheheh.. the price..?? Rm 2000+.. boleh tahan la.. Father pay anyway, peduli apa.. HAHAHAA



hehe, nice nice..??? I love it..~~!!!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Today i went for a job interview with Sammy and Kah Inn came to Mid Valley to teman us also.. Since we three sisters very long didn't take pictures together ad, we seized the moment to camwhore..

i just lurve this picture~ hehe

act cute?? hmm...

And i went to Wei Hong's place todaya nd took picture of his roommate punya hamster~~ SO DARN CUTE>>!! eei!! damn geram!! its just so damn cute~~ YA ALLAH~~!! ^__^

gila cute~~!!!

yesterday, i went makan dinner with my college bro's in SS19 (i think...) after our group discussion.. did not waste a moment of camwhoring session.. hehhe.. this time with my ji mui, WONG WEI HONG!!! hehehe

cool huh my hair~~ ??
i think i look betta in it actually~~