Friday, May 25, 2007

After dunno how mana weeks of talking bout wanting to go play badminton together, finnally me, hong, robin, jiin, jason , geoff and don went to a place near subang parade to play badminton. but that don ar, came bout 30 minutes den ciou ad.. leaving his racquet with us.. lucky he got bring racket (not in optimum condition but boleh pakailah) hehehe.. so sad lam, the place no leng chai's.. got la few ppl training there and playing but some either fat or short.. no nice body to look at oso.. (hehehhe).. but rite, that wei hong darn good.. lucky i nvr play with him! hahaha., so dunno who is betta than the other (although the ans is pretty obvious) haihzz...

Den after badminton session (which btw, everybody damn stinko), we went to mcD to enjot aircond woth only ordering drinks(which can refill), we went to HARTAMAS (punya jauh...) to makan mamak (not ordinary mamak though.. 'highER class' mamak) haha... but overall the day was fun la.. den after this the BOYS goin play bball... (iron-man la all of them, not tired de).. bu the saddest thing is rite..... NO LENG CHAI.. hahha.. so, to comfort myself, i shall post all the hunks i think who are hot HOt HOOOOTTT>>> hehehe

first.. KAKA!!

won bin (koren hunk)

song seung huen (i juz loooove this guy!!)

and not forgettin.. LEE HOM!!

and this malaysian dude.. charles brunold (he was in cleo most eligible bachelor and the reality show, what women want)

jared padalecki (better than wentworth miller) *haha*

VY Utt.. though he's g*y, he's still hot though

and se&ev (korean singer)

Jensen Ackles (the BIG brother in supernatural)*he's pretty supernatural to me..*

chad micheal murray (kinda hot actually)

Jake gyllenhaal (love his eyes.. OHMY GOD>....)

Fahrenheit (taiwan group).. i personally like the one on the left.. =)

last but not least.. vic chou.. (former F4 member)

anymore leng chai's you think i've missed out??

Saturday, May 19, 2007


its just 2 weeks since the new sem has started and i'm feeling the burden of assingmnets and projects already..! so many things comin up la.. english event,english game planning, english journal, english talk show, say club + TCHT's new event, moral's visit to the handicap place.. sei lo.. so many things to run all at almost the same time yo!! wish me luck...!!

will you spend 200 buck on a guess handbag or would you rather spend that money on some not so weel-known shirtS, bagS, and cute heelS? i find it quite stupid for ppl to waste their money just to buy a expensive brand like chanel, gucci, LV, prada etc.. i mean, the money YOU earn or the money your PARENTS earn should be spend wisely right? i know, the expensive brand has good quality but how long would you use the same purse or the same handbag? in my case, i woulf spend money to buy the not so well-known brand and could have my handbag and purse changed every 3-4 months.. that'll be damn fun.. wouldn't you agree? i mean, life is not all bout who has the latest chanel handbag or the hottest guess purse rite?

it would be rather ridiculous for a puse to be worth 200 bucks and a handbag to be 300 plus rite? dang it, i feel so angry at ppl who spend their money like dat.. maybe coz they dunno the value of money yet huh? well, i can honestly tell that money is not easy to find.. so ppl! spend your money wisely plz..! for the sake of god!

Saturday, May 5, 2007


A man was driving down the road and ran out of gas. Just at that moment, a bee flew in his window.

The bee said, "What seems to be the problem?"

"I'm out of gas," the man replied.
The bee told the man to wait right there and flew away. Minutes later, the man watched as an entire swarm of bees flew to his car and into his gas tank. After a few minutes, the bees flew out.
"Try it now," said one bee.
The man turned the ignition key and the car started right up.
"Wow!" the man exclaimed. "What did you put in my gas tank?"
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The bee answered, "BP."

Thursday, May 3, 2007

"ice cream, ice cream".. thats waht i've been saying fot the past 10 days...(20th till 29th).. with the bell given (pic).. so tiring o.. have to stand for 8 hours on weekdays and 10 hours on weekends... but luckily got high salary.. HEHEHEHE... *but can only get my salary on wjune la*.. mana tahu on the last day of my work, got fire happen!! the stupid plug damn old ad den start burning the wrapping paper (which was right next to the main plug).. scare the shit outta me.. den no more power for all my ice cream, we have to bring ALL of the MAGNOLIA ice cream to the cold store.. lucky 2 of my guy frens came and help.. if not, jalat dot com la me and my girl friend..

After these ten days, i can hafal all the magnolis ice cream prices already.. just ask me if, i can tell you.. after and before discount.. hahaha... now me and my fren oso darn close to the gint ppl ad.. the putu mayam uncle, the kacang uncle, the security lady, the maggie mee lady, vitagen lady, and not forgetting the creamo lady.. hahaha.. we see them like almost everyday until can be frens ad.. =)

me and my fren, chai yan..

the brand i'm promoting..!! MAGNOLIA...!!

i even learned how to do a flower ballon from the uncle who just steped up to us and teached us..

my booth.. outside the small giant in kelana jaya.. *hot like shit*

my 'kawan setia".. work together for 10 days..! *i kinda miss it now*.. =(