Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Ok, I know this happened quite some time ago but i feeling like blogging bout it..!! hehehe.. Before I went for the Look Out Point, I went to the Taman Megah Disable Home with my fellow Leos, including Leos from Taman Sea and Taman Petaling. At first when we went there it was so awkward cause we didn't know what to do and the organizer was not there. so we buta buta go mingle with the orphans lo.. at first was weird but soon we really KENA from them - physically and mentally. OMG, they so ganas man.. keep shouting and hitting us like there no tomorrow.. but lucky me and Jason didn't stay for long coz we had to rush to church. But overall I had fun there la.. Cause not only get to mingle with the orphans, I get to mingle with a few Leos as well, those that went for the LOC.. so yeah,
Happy Mooncake Festival to ya'all
(a bit late kan? hahaha)

Taman Sea trying to show off thier guitar playing skills.. hahaa

This was organized by the person in charge there

Sweet kan?

This lil' girl keep asking me to play game with her (I have no idea how to play!!) and take zhou tut pictures.. ^_^

Official camwhore of the orphanage.. can't stop taking picture punya..

the kids here.. looks cute kan? but super ganas!! hhahaha..

Friday, September 26, 2008

Bukit Tinggi trip..!!

Yay!! It's time to bloggie bout my trip to Bukit tinggi with my follow mafias!! Everyone on this trip was the same persone as the ones that went for Genting trip, but this time added Ms. Lai chern lin a.k.a. ms. super lame chinese joke that stress out everybody!! ahhahaa.. this trip was so relaxing..!! I didn't even think about assignments while I was there.. It was just so enjoying and relaxing!! with the breeze there and the laughters in the hotel room, just so comforting!! but I wouldn't go there and spend 3 days 2 nights again la, coz the place got ntg to do de.. sien tau si..!! but if go with the correct company then it's a total different story lo.. hehehe.. but at least I took lots of great photos there.. Especially in the Japanese Garden..!! even though it's not a REAL kimono but at least I look like wearing one that looks like it.. ehhehee.. but I shall let you all see the pics and get jealous! ngek ngek!!


nice kan the view??

night view!!

burger time for us all.. since its the only thing available in the menu!!

swans!! so pretty!!

mei right??


hehehee.. me feeding the lanci rabbit


hahahaha.. so damn funny!! chern lin imitating the donkeys behind.. so emo!! hahaha

(my favourite part)

all dressed up yo..!!

can you see the difference? ^__^

seven hot chiqs yo..!!

Ownage photo~ hahaha

bollywood!! edmund kill jason, sue may suicide.. other 3 kelefeh syok sendiri! hahaha

love this photo man!!

bollywood again.. jason so damn zhou tut..!! hahaha

the only source of entertainment we had there.. hahaha.. the guys voice so merdu wei~~!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Look Out Point

YESH, I'm back!! hehehe.. wanted to blog bout this earlier but went Bukit Tinggi the next morning ad.. So now that I'm back, it's time to bloggie~~ ^__^

Venue: Look Out Point, Cheras
Time: 7-11 p.m.
Attendence: Heart 6 darlings + new frens

Nice huh the scenery? ^_^

San san and I

Pooi Kee + MS

Debola and I

mass comm-ers yo..!!

Us with new frens (Edmund, Florence, and Renise)

Love this pic man~~!!

And I also went for a play from Max's church, Cornerstone Doulas Church..
It's a play from Footstool Players and it was totally incredible..!!

Summary = Funny + touching + so true!!

This play is created, produced and directed by Colin Kirton, co-directed by Jonathan Tan and Sean Low, and performed by Ann Choo, Ee Soon Wei, Colin Kirton, Linora Low, Sean Low, Jonathan Tan and Adrene Wong.

The show will run for 10 performances at the Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (KLPac) Pentas 2, as follows:

6–8, 13–15 November 2008 @ 8:30 pm
8–9, 15–16 November 2008 @ 3:00 pm