Thursday, October 30, 2008

Yay~!! The pictures of the camp are finally here.. but only from Yan Yee's camera la.. But anyway I'm here to say again that I;m so proud of Heart 6 for 'surviving' this camp and finally getting champion~! Thanks to Robin (leader), Spy, Yan Yee, Vincent, Tim Ci, Mei Bao, Nicholas and Sylvia and hope you all enjoyed yourself there kao kao and have learnt something.. I know I have~ ^_^

Our slogan..., again:

I say heart, you say.. SIX...!
I say heart, you say.. SIX...!
~ HEART 6 ~
~ HEART 6 ~
jiaaaaaaa you!!

A part of the campsite

Our dorm, Dorm 6.. *heart 6!!* hehehe

Three sampat poh in the dorm posing~

The first game lined up for us~
Rules: All members of the team must not be on the ground, only 3 guys can be on the ground as foundation *panjat je*

P&W team

Heart 6 (part I)
L-R: Vincent, Robin, Ms, Yan Yee, Spy, Jing Quan

Heart 6 (Part II)
L-R: Mei Bou, Vincent, MS, Yan yee, Spy, Jing Quan

(Part III) with Tim Ci (far right)

Spy and I in the dorm~

Bodoh Isaac and tao kei

hahahaa, Love this picture.. I totally had no idea they tot I was smelly.. aihz~


three hot chiqs of Heart 6.. hahhaa

hhahhaa. our theme for the camp.. *E-M-O..!!*

love this pic.. so nice~ kan kan kan?

Another one of our games - built the tallest structure made out of lots of straws and hang a egg on top without falling.

Number 1 yo~~!! boleh nampak tak??!! hahahahha

~ahahaha.. its so darn sampat with Spy around~

Us leaving the campsite already.. sob sob~

In the bus~ so tiring, have to keep kneeling so that can talk to them behind.. hahhaa

Can't wait for pictures from CK.. I think got all the pictures of the games.. damn fun punya!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

1. Cousin from Singapore just came down and did for us cheesecake
~ sedap giler ~

Jason, my cousin.. great chef.. still single.. interested? ask me~ hahahaa

2. Sing k session

3. CK's birthday

~Heart 6~

Our leader/grandpa, CK~!

4. Mooncake festival celebration in Ewoon's house

Us jalan-jalan with the tanglung, tradisi orang cina.. hahaha

5. Mooncake celebration at mentari's rooftop

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Yay~!! I'm sooooooo proud of Heart 6 right now..!!

Even though the original Heart 6 was divided but I'm so proud of the Heart 6 in camp..

Thanks to each and every member, Robin (leader), Spy, Yan Yee, Vincent, Tim Ci, Mei Bao, Nicholas and Sylvia. Without you guys we wouldn't get NO. 1 yo..!! hahahha.. So proud and happy that all our hard work and effort was all worth it in the end.. we had the brains and the energy/power to win~!
This time was fun because the kepoh Spy came with us and she invited her two friends along as well. And thanks to Vincent who poured out all his energy to compete in the challenge games although he was really sick.. heheh..
And I hope this assistant leader has not disappoint you all, even though i feel I have not done enough.. aihz..
But anyway, hope you guys enjoyed yourself there very much..!! and whoever got pictures of the camp please tag me in facebook~! hehehe..

And thank you God for making this camp a success.. Without You, we would not even have this camp and would not even got to know our brothers and sisters. Thanks for being there with us and looking after us that no one was badly injured.. Please continue to guide us and love us. ..!!

I'm gonna blog more in detail about the camp as soon as I have the pictures.. hehehe..

I say heart, you say..
I say heart, you say.. SIX...!
~ HEART 6 ~
~ HEART 6 ~

jiaaaaaaa you!!

The slogan is a bit lame, but who cares? Its the slogan of a champion! hahahha

And to for all the 12 groups, congratulation completing the camp in one piece!! We may all be tired and smelly and dirty buy hey, at least we get to say that we ate blended si ham with wasabi and got bitten by leech right? ^_^

And in the end of the day, we are all winners yo..!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

我今天玩到超开心的.. 虽然在class里面有一点东西弄到我不高兴, 但是认识了spy的朋友之后就觉得全部的不快乐都跑掉了.. 很高兴认识你门三位虽然没有对你门讲很多话但是我有信心我门一定会再见几时面的.. 比如说this friday我们都i会见面了lu..!! ^_^ 我知道为什么我门可以和地来.... 因为我们都够三八.. Oops, 对不起是你们吧了, 我是斯文的那一个.. 哈哈.. 很期待我们在这个friday的event哦.. ^_^ 还有很不可思以的事情就是我的 'pen dan' 弟弟也跟我们一起sot.. hahah..

哪个arrow好象在shoot我跟spy leh!!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Today SOC (School of Communication) had our carnival in college and it was good, i think. Sorry I couldn't say it was GREAT because it was only okay, for me at least. But one things for sure is that the planning part of the event was very very very long ago. Although I'm not very involved with it but good job people.. At least now we can say that we had organize our own carnival. And congrats to every department, committee and members.. Give a pat on your back! I had fun today as well..


Okay, I haven't been myself today and I can feel it and i feel guilty as hell..!! Here I need to apologise to the people that i ter-show my dark side to and sorry if I've caused you any dulan-ness or beh shuang-ness.. I've had very little sleep and for the record, I was the first to come college!! At 6.15 wei~! Ya allah, the sky is not even bright yet and I've been feeding mosquitoes all morning. So now you know why i was in a foul mood today. And also, seriously ppl, when everybody else is working so hard to carry chairs and table, the decent thing you could do is help out, at least a bit la.. don't just sit around and talk amongst yourself. Come on la, wanna chat also go somewhere else and chat la.. Everybody so tired ad, you some more wanna let everybody know you're not doing anything.. Sorry but i just wanna let it off my chest.. It's been bugging me the whole day~ ^_^ .. But whatever la, at lest the carnival is over now and we did a good job..

Pictures of the carnival will be updated soon..!!
And I'm surprised my didi actually come! hahha, thanks for coming my dear brother~!! hope you had fun~ ^_^

Friday, October 17, 2008

I'm currently watching this show now. Its called Miss No Good, 不良笑花 and its so damn funny!!
Those that understand Chinese and lurves Taiwan drama, go and watch it..!!
~So bloody funny~

The main character of this show is Rainie Yang Cheng Lin and Wilber Pan..
and its about..
Jiang Xiao Hua is a jewelry store owner with no sense of style. When prince charming Jia Si Le comes back from Japan with intentions of dating her, she blackmails Tang Men, a poison-tongue style guru, into helping her become a lady worthy of Si Le.

This is how she look like in the movie, but in reality she is damn pretty lo~

she so pretty kan??

clips from the movie:

I realize that physical appearance is not the main thing that we should judge a person from. A person can be very not-very-pretty on the outside, but totally interesting and sincere in the inside.
I totally love Cheng Lin in the movie.. so cute and real (chen)..
So transparent, she say what she wants, do what she likes and dress however she wishes to..
I hope more people in the world would be like her.. so real, so genuine and so lovable..
~totally fun to hang out with~

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Singapore Trip

Yay! my trip to Singapore pictures are finally here! hehehehe~

Venue: Singapore
Date: 10 Oct - 12 Oct
Purpose: Sister's graduation
Company: Daddy, Mommy, Sister, First uncle

Day 1:

We drove to S'pore about 7.30 a.m. in the morning and went to some Chinese place and eat nasi lemak for our breakfast. Den off we go to S'pore, babie!! After 5 hours of driving there, we finally reach our destination!! woo-hoo..!!

~reaching the customs~

Singapore bridge + sea!! hehehe

woohoo!! S'pore, here I come..!!

OK, so we dunno the way and out the maps~
It took 3 map readers to figure out where Selegie road was..

my sister, the pro in reading maps~

Our hotel was on this road called Little India

The hotel we stayeed in, budgeted punya la~

~and my cousin, Jason, from s'pore did a cake for my dad's bday and gave my sister a graduation present~ Thanks Jason for teman-ing us during our trip!!

my dad with sister ~ with the present Jason bought~

Mommy + sister

me + jie jie

And you can't believe how small our hotel room was!!
The smallest one I had in my life!!
the picture you saw was practically the WHOLE room..

Can you believe how small the toilet is..??!!

the best part, the swimming pool~ I have no chance to go in.. dang it..!!

I love the double decker buses there!! And i got to ride on them!! hehehe

the 7-11 there also very small de.. heheh.. that's the whole shop ad! hahaa
In the afternoon we went Vivo City to shop and look around~ and my cousin with her son joined us for dinner~

yeah, we took MRT

we had to pay for deposit de to sit the MRT~
~$1 for 1 ticket~

At Vivo City:

my cousin's son~ so darn cute~

Then at night we celebrated my daddy's bday~ the berry cake was done by my cousin~
and its damn delicious!!

Day 2:

My family went to Serangoon Boulevard to get my sister's graduation robe (or whatever you call it) but I stayed in the hotel to do my assignments!! heheheh~~ *so hardworking kan me!!* ^_^ then after that we all went to City Hall to settle my sister's stuff and took some good family pictures there and went Bugis Street to shop~ But too bad, couldn't buy many stuff, too stuffy there and my dad DL wanna walk ad.. hahaha..

At night we went to Chinatown and Clarke Quey and ate our dinner there~ too bad its our last night in S'pore though~ :-(

you see the 4 tall things? its actually like the thing we have in lagoon.. you know, the one with the ball in the middle and the person sits inside of it and it will be thrown all over? Thats the game here.. except its soooo much taller~!!

Got a group of Japanese ppl there dancing and the crowd joined in too~

In the Double decker bus:

Day 3:

OMG, this entry is so long!

yeah, I hope this day would come for me.. Even if it doesn't, I have picture for it!! hahaha

Sadly the trip came to an end..
And i rushed my assignments like crazy!!