Sunday, January 27, 2008

at bar celona~~

wa, haven been updating my blog for almost a month ad..~~

wat have I been up to ya?? lets see...

1. WORKIN my ass off.. but salary will only see one month later.. aihz~~
2. Chasing my 2 previous job punya salary (since 2007..!!)
3. Lots of yum cha session at night~~
4. Watch late night movies~~
5. Clubbing at Bar Celona on 24th Jan.. *first time.. hehehe*

[Went there to celebrate Kah Inn and Xuan Wei's birthday]

Friday, January 4, 2008

beautiful huh??
woo-hoo..!!!!!!! I'm finally back from: pangkor pangkor pangkor..~~ so relaxing there.. first time spending my new year by the beach..~~ looking at the fireworks which was displayed from 5 different places..!!
I meet a lot of new people through this camp, learnt that riding bike in pangkor will really really sore your ass (big time..!!), and staying next to the beach is a damn superb life to live by..!!
*pics not in sequence*
the amount of ppl that went..~~ 80 + ..??
deb, me, charlie, victor
two idiots catching the sun~~

with CK

jellyfish? or a big pile of tissues?? hmm~~
suppose to be all girls photo but 4 guys sesat pulak~~
go R-E-D go..!!
banana boat for banana like me..~~!! hahaa..

in the water ad.. kena drop by the banana driver..

hot hot hot..!!
robin, LSK, deb, me, Timci, bryant

kar seng and me

groupie by the sea burying zheng wei~~
6 super hot incomparable chiqz~~
~group picture by the apartment's swimming pool~
~i'm the one in white wiht the shades..!!~
I love pangkor..!! yay!!