Friday, August 31, 2007

Merdeka 50th countdown..

Yesterday I received a phone call from Kah Inn at 11 plus askin me to join them for countdown. At first I couldn’t join them. Why?? Like usual, transport problem. Then my ‘saviour’, Wei Jing came and fetched me to countdown together in Pyramid. The problem is, when we reach Pyramid, it was already about 12.20am, so countdown what la?? All of us went to the nearest bar, Rainforest to ‘yum chou’(booze) instead. We ordered 2 buckets of Carlsberg but I drank about 1 bottle plus only... ^_^ ... Then the music went hyped and the dance floor was open. So... what else??? Dance..!! It was like a small club.. Then lots of strangers came up to us and started dancing with us. First I was okay with it, then they started to touch and asking number all from me, so I stay away from them. I dun like lo when strangers start to be TOO overly excessive friendly. So after bout 2 hours plus of dancing and boozing, the 6 of us went to Asia Café to ‘yum cha’. While waiting for the rest to reach Asia café, Wai Phan and I talked in his car about our personal life since we haven’t been seeing each other for… bout 10 months? After everyone arrived, our ‘yum cha’ plan tak jadi pulak. Instead, we went playing pool. Mee Kee, Sammy and Wei Jing went back first coz they tired ad, so left only me, Kah Inn and Wai Phan in the pool area. That bloody Wai Phan won me three times in a row so I had to pay for the table. But never mind… ‘kin dou fuk shu’.. After pool, he sent me home and it was already 4.30 am. I reached home with the nastiest smell ever! Full with smoke and alcohol everywhere.

me, Kah Inn, sammy, Wei Jing, Mee Kee
w.phan, inn, mk

four leng lui (haha..!!)

inn, jing, me

jing, me, phan, inn
*stupid carlsberg bloking my face*

mk, sammy, inn, jing

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

輕輕放 我就是卸不下對妳的喜歡
Qing qing fang / Wo jiu shi xie bu xia dui ni de xi huan
(I tried to put down my love for you, but I simply couldn’t)
Yuan lai ai hui man man zeng jia zhong liang
(Suddenly I realize love will gradually become heavier and heavier)
Xiang guan shang zhe cheng shi suo you de deng guang
(I wish to put off all the lights in this city)
Hei an shong zhuan xin wen ni de fa xiang
(And slowly appreciate the smell of your hair in the dark)

這夜晚 讓暗戀很有畫面感 回想
Zhe ye wan / Rang an lian hen you hua mian gan
(Nightfall makes my closet love for you so picturesque)
與妳約會過的地方 都捨不得刪
Yu ni yue hui guo de di fang / Dou she bu de shan
(I recall the places that we date, not willing to delete all the memories)
Zai nao hai li chu cun xin shang
(I keep them all in my heart)

妳微笑瀏覽 手機裏的浪漫
Ni wei xiao liu lan / Shou ji li de lang man
(You’re browsing the romance I sent you through mobile phone with a smile on your face)
Yuan lai zhen xin song chu ai shi na me jian dan
(True love can be so simple)
溫習螢幕上 妳可愛的模樣
Wen xi ying mu shang / Ni ke ai de mo yang
(I observe attentively your adorable expression on the screen)
Guan yu yuan fen de jie shi wo you duo le yi hang
(Sending out another message of fate)

妳微笑瀏覽 手機裏的浪漫
Ni wei xiao liu lan / Shou ji li de lang man
(You’re browsing the romance I sent you through mobile phone with a smile on your face)
Yuan lai ai qing ke yi lai de zhe me tu ran
(Love can come so quickly and unpredictably)
短信的橋樑 將曖昧期拉長
Duan xin de qiao liang / Jiang ai mei qi la chang
(The bridge of text messages enhances our relationship)
我們的感情蔓延滋長用文字培養 在虛擬土壤
Wo men de gan qing man yan zi zhang yong wen zi pei yang
(Our love cultivated by words grows within the virtual soil)

電視牆 吵雜的情歌還在拼命播放
Dian shi qiang / Chao za de qing ge hai zai ping ming bo fang
(Love songs are playing blatantly on the television)
Wo an jing zai nao qu deng lai dian long xiang
(I quietly waiting for the telephone ring)
You yi xie hua da hao le que bu gan chuan
(Having type some words yet I dare not to send them out)
Pa shou dao xin xi de ni zai wei nan
(I’m afraid it’ll make you feel uncomfortable)

街道上 人潮襯托我的孤單 想像
Jie dao shang / Ren chao chen tuo wo de gu dan / Xiang xiang
(The crowd on the street is contrasting my loneliness)
誰幸運的陪在妳身旁 卻誤會一場
Shui xing yun de pei zai ni shen pang / Que wu hui yi chang
(I ‘m wondering whose the lucky one to be by your side)
Ni ye zai deng ni shou ji xiang
(In fact you’re waiting for your mobile phone to ring too)

Monday, August 27, 2007

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ok seriously... i think jason and winnie should take this test... your emo-ness is contagious

Sunday, August 26, 2007

my sister went out today and bought fot me jay's album - Still Fantasy.. for Rm 10 only - ori somemore!! and i just realize i got quite alot of his album.. dun believe me?? have a look.. :

Still Fantasy album ~ ~

all of my collection of his original CD ...
- Still Fantasy
- DVD Incomparable concert
- his EP : two songs only + all his previous album's MV
- Ye Hui Mei
- November Chopin

all of my collection of his pirated CD ...
- Eight Dimension
- Fantasy album's MV
- All his old album's MV
- Still Fantasy


Friday, 24rd August

The S.A.Y. club went to Angkasapuri which is located in Angkasapuri (^-^) today. We met up in college at 8.15 am and reached the place at somewhere around 9 am. In the bus, there was a lil’ segregation as the FICM Jan were sitting behind making havoc and the diploma people were sitting in front with not much noise.. But anyway, when we reached the place, we were guided by Pn. Rozanah (I think that’s her name..) around the whole RTM compound. We visited the television studios and radio studios. I finally have a clear idea as to how the production of all the news, reality program and radio stations work. My partner for the day was DEBORAH..!! We took pictures everywhere!! Hehehe.. and then we went back to college by bus and the ride back was really fun coz everyone (almost everyone) have bonded and there were no segregation.. But in the end of the day, I felt really happy coz I’ve bonded with some of the diploma students and even the students from my very own class.. This experience in RTM station was very beneficial coz I might be involved with these things when I graduate 3 ½ years later…

one of the tv studios there..
equiptments for the production..

the massive amount of cloths in RTM

editing process..

traxx fm radio station

amir trying out his voice and it went on live!

deborah and I

my mentee - nadia .. (acting cute)

Saturday, 25th August

Woo-hoo.. its my sister’s birthday!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY KONG MUN MUN…!! Today was damn tiring for me.. I’ve been outdoor for about 14 hours..!! Freaking tired! In the morning (8.30am-12pm), I went for my Leo installation in the MPPJ library. I was there early to help out with the deco and prepare my emcee speech. Yes! I was the emcee for the day together with another guy, Eric. We did okay, I guess… maklumlah, first time emcee for the both of us, so we were a lil’ nervous… but the event went on as planned anyway. We finished the event bout 11.30 den we all went to the canteen for some refreshment where we took the BOD picture. Oh, forgot to mention.. I’m the new ‘tamer’ and ‘tail-twister’ for LEO club of Petaling Jaya Integrity 2007/2008. My duty is to keep all meeting nonsense free. When means to make sure they don’t go out of topic when discussing some issue and wasting time. Also, I just found out today that I’m supposed to be the store keeper of this club (dang it..!). Which means I’m suppose to keep all the stuff - badges, card, clothes, rubbish, dirt, etc. (cilaka betul.. hmp..! )

After the install, I went to mid valley with my mom and sis. We bought our groceries and lingerie there. Coz my mom will be leaving to Pangkor for 4 day 3 night, my dad will be staying with me and my sister here in PJ. So we bought extra snacks and food to eat and cook at night. My mom also bought her top and pants for my cousin’s ‘cam cha’(pour tea) ceremony. My sis and I became her consultant. Surprisingly, her clothes were bought from the Harajuku place in Jusco. They surprisingly sell lots of nice tops in the Harajuku place.

i saw Lin Yu Chong in midvalley!! *lucky..!!*
damn alot of people there~~

After the midvalley trip, it was already 6.30 pm. We rushed back to have dinner with my tai pak (first uncle) and his family to celebrate my sister’s b’day together. My uncle wanted to belanja makan coz its my sister’s 21st b’day. After makan in the Golden Dragon Restaurant, we went back to my uncle’s house to chill and eat b’day cake. The cake was lychee cake. It was actually kinda nice. I tot it would be weird considering I’ve never eaten one before.. ^_^ … when I went back, it was already bout 10.30.. ~dead tired ~ ~

my sister's bday cake

my sister...

Friday, August 24, 2007

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Thursday, August 23, 2007

thank god this 2nd semester is over!! not so much controversial went on between the members of the class.. but definitely got controversial between student-lecturer... dunno the 3rd sem lecturer will be worse or not.. lets just hope for all the lecturers to be able to accept FiCM as how they are... group 1 as how they are and group 2 as how they are.. especially group 2.. =) .. lets talk bout this semester.. the issue with mr.indy.. the 2 marks issue.. we (group 2) feel its unfair for us, so we fight la.. i dun see a problem in that.. fight for your rights rite? if he would have told us earlier that he actually not gonna REALLY cut out our marks, this arguments wouldn't even have started.. not that I'm blaming him, he's a good lecturer and all.. I'm also not blaming group 2.. we have every right to feel the unfairness and anger, right?? but anyhow.. now its cool.. we're back frens with mr.indy.. life goes on.. and the backstabbing in the class.. wow! i finally see the ugly side of SOME ppl in the class... really poker face wei!! cannot tahan.. some ppl can really talk behind your back like no body's business, and the next minute smile ever so brightly right to your face.. GENG ar.. but anyhow.. now that i see the real face, i'll be more cautious!!! thats all the emoness for this sem.. looking forward to the 3rd semester..!! *peace out*

A day in Pyramid..

Yesteday I went to Pyramid together with my two other friends from Assunta; Liang Fang and Mee Kee. *I haven been seeing each of them close to 8 months already, except Fang who I recently bump into the other day… Dats why we planned to keluar and hang* We originally were suppose to watch Ratatouille but couldn’t coz no space. *that famous ke that show?* so, we watched Evan Almighty instead. I would give a 7 outta 10 for that show. Though it was short, it was actually quite touching. *Not that I cried ar anything, but I got chicken skin all over me* not bad la that show... worth my movie ticket (though I didn’t pay a cent coz I got free movie pass), if I actually paid for one. Then after movie three of us jalan-jalan a lil’… I bought an anklet for me to wear on my cousins wedding dinner…! Three of us shared money to buy Fang a jacket from ‘Plastic’ which she love so much for her bday present (i feel so bad coz she had to pay as well… but she insisted!) which Mee Kee and I owe her… Lepas tu, each of us balik our own respective places… *Fang fetch us back*

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

WOO-HOO..!! My new car is finally here!!! Ok la... Not ‘my’ new car la, my mom’s new car... =) but still... It’ll be mine someday... HAHAHAAHAH... It’s a brand new MYVI, white in colour, plat number: BJQ 784 (the plat number not nice la, I prefer the previous one, BER 756) But never mind, janji got new car, and not the stupid old idiotic kancil..!!

Similarity and dissimilarity between the two vehicles:

Small (lots smaller)
Air conditioner always rosak *cilaka*
11 years old
No power, especially naik bukit
Have to service almost every 2-3 months *waste money*
Cannot drive back to Ipoh / Malacca – too old ad the car
Mommy always dun let my sister and I go out at night - scared car break down middle of no where late at night
Very small car, always kena buli on road *babi Malaysians*

Big and spacious
New car- air cond sure wont rosak, so fast.
11 days old
Naik bukit, no sweat now!
Service every 6-7 months once, gua…
Can even drive straight to Vietnam..!! hahaha
Can go out ANYTIME to ANYWHERE..!! *with my sister as driver la, of coz*
Bigger car, can buli others on road! Haha! *babi me-haha*

Yes... I even took picture of the tire… hehe

Conclusion-nya, CB the bloody kancil car, I can finally criticize the damn car ad!! WAKAKAKA… *blek*

Monday, August 20, 2007

SATURDAY, 18th Aug

Today was a day where I opened my eyes and heart to a brand new culture in Malaysia... Why?? I went to Cineleisure today, after my Leo meeting in the morning, with Alissa for an animation exhibition there. There were lots of girls and guys wearing cosplay attire! Some looked damn damn cool but some looks darn weird to me… Some even scare the s**t outta me..! Coz they were just S-C-A-R-Y..!! There were also a comic drawing competition going on as well, but that was nothing important la... =) But anyway, I manage to take picture with some of the cosplay characters there!! Ahhhhh!! There’s this one cosplay guy damn cool de..! Quite leng zhai also!! Hehehe… I of coz took a picture with him as well… =) *hahahah* … then got lots of other character from some unknown anime (to me), so I kept asking Alissa, “Who’s that? From which anime? So weird one?” ~ ~ There’s also this guy who look like a bloody pirate and damn scary de! Scary until I dun dare to take picture of him.. Even Alissa don’t know who he is ~ so spooky ~ but then this whole experience opened my eyes to their life, as in they dress up as they like without caring about what others think of them and I respect that. They’re also really really really polite! Not the normal Malaysian you see on street; the rude ones... *hmp* I also saw lots of people there who are like Alissa’s character... very anime like and totally CUTE... =) Here are some pictures Alissa and I took:

from various anime...

the leng chai!! *wakaka*

dunno who this fella is.. but very kawaii!! hehe

from: Quran High School Host Club


After Cineleisure, I went to Midvalley with my sister and bought a new heel for my cousins wedding dinner on Sept and a new white belt... hehehe… and tap au the famous rice with ikan pari + sotong from the Oasis food court… *damn pedas and syoook*

this is the dress i'm gonna wear to my cousin wedding dinner..

heels and belt..

SUNDAY, 19th Aug

Today is my mom’s b*day…!! HAPPY BIRHTDAY, MOMMY!! I L-O-V-E U…!! *muakss* hehehe… I went to 1 Utama today with my parents and sister to celebrate my mom’s birthday (something we’ve not done in quite a while)… we watched Perfect Stranger in the morning and went for lunch after that... Lunch was of course paid by my sister and I… and the bday cake too in the evening.. *bankrupt aku ~ ~) but never mind la.. for my mom… =)
we ate in Oriental Cravings kat 1U.. that's my mommy... =)
her bday cake my sis and i bought for her..

my mommy... *hehehehe*