Monday, August 24, 2009


feeling super happy now!! At first I thought I have to skip a few classes for the conference on Thursday and Friday but God opened up a road for me by closing down the college. God could have canceled a few classes for me but he made the WHOLE college close down.

Is He great or what?!! ^^

Not only that, on of my assignment suppose to hand in this Friday is postpone to next week!! Woohoo!! Now I can go to the conference without any burden, knowing that God is always by my side helping me..!! ahh, words can't even describe how great He is!!

I Love You, God!!

Sunday, August 16, 2009


My cousin nephew, Louis Teoh (张洽夸, i think).. So cute kan?? And small.. 2 day old only... I just realize how lucky it is to be a baby.. So carefree, eat and sleep, sleep then eat again.. But if I were to choose, I wouldn't be a baby again, cause have to go through the kid, teenager life again.. lol.. once is enough.. hahaha.. Cant' wait to see him growing up.. I wonder who he'll look like, or how is his attitude like.. ^^