Saturday, May 31, 2008

I took a few pictures with SPY today and decided to post it cause i kinda like the pictures.. hehhee.. Oh ya, today we (CRR students) went for a 'trip' to Taylors College, Subang Jaya to listen to a talk from Yasmin Ahmad.

For those that don;t know who in the world is she, she is the director of 'Sepet' and 'Mukhsin' and also a few humanitarian commercials you see on TV3..
Her talk was basically about human values and kids foresees skin colour but as we grow older, unfortunately, skin colour becomes such an issue for us that we often discriminate and mock others.. Her advertisements are really touching.. Here i enclose for you one commercial that I thought was damn really touching.. *sob sob*

Orphan (super sad!!) :
Tan Hong Ming in Love (damn cute) :
This is a trailer for 'Sepet'

Pictures with Spy and half of Chern Ling's face.. hehehe..


Saturday, May 24, 2008

Finally i got only 3 pictures from the camp i attended in Alor Gajah.. hahhaa

Lots of ppl huh?? guess where am I.. hahha..
*dun think you guys can spot me though* hehehe
Tips: I'm in red, next to deborah.. hahaha
the blue shirt guy in the most fron is the pastor, with his wife (in black)

One of the task during the games session..
Put our leg into a bucket of ice water to dig out marbles inside..
damn syok~~ hahaa

OMG, this game.. damn GG giler..
Its like helang dan anak ayam but damn ownage..
fall until damn pain coz when one fall, all will fall on each other..

About: A year after their first adventure in Narnia, the Pevensie siblings (Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy) are pulled back in by Susan's magic horn. They find that hundreds of years have passed and Narnia is now ruled by the bloodthirsty General Miraz, uncle to the true heir, Prince Caspian, who is now in exile. The children must find Caspian and help him get rid of Miraz.

Thanks to Debola, she make me wanna blog bout Narnia also.. hahha

But first of all, KING PETER IS MINE YA LADIES.. omg, he is so hot, it's unbelievable!! hahah..
Ok, so yesterday, me, Deb, DenDen, Kar Seng, Nicholas and Victor went for movie in Mv, The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. This movie is kinda boring la, to be honest. Iwas expecting it to be like the first one but it runs out to disappoint me. And that Caspian character make me wanna hang myself ad.. ahaha, he is such a playboy ba!! When his country is on the edge of losing, he can abandon all that and went to save Susan.. Me and Kar seng in the cinema laugh our ass off.. damn stupiad la the movie. But nice la to watch the movie with they all.. esp Kar Seng coz can laugh with him throughout the whole movie.

Another reason why i can't really enhoy the movie is because i was sooooo in need for the toilet throughout the whole 2 hours!! Can you imagine how i can tahan for almost 2 hours without going to the toilet? i was scared that I'll miss any nice parts.. hahha, talking bout being a geek!!

oh, and the characters in Narnia are damn chunted man!! esp the mouse and the dwarf.. and the half human, half horse (dunno what they are called).. Sagittarius?? Oh, and this show is like a compilation of The Lord of the Ring, Brother Bear, Chipmunks, Ratatuille, Snow White and the Seven Dwarf, and Spiderwick.. oh, and not to forget, Water horse.. hahaha.. oh ya, the ending made me go... WTH!!! so bodoh la the ending.. I soooo did not expect the ending to be like that lo~~ Bodo punya..

Kar Seng and I


Petaling Jaya, Jumaat - Ada seornag lelaki (i think..) 'pin thai' yang telah menggunakan sebatang galah untuk melaksanakan jenayahnya. Berlaku pada waktu pagi, kira-kira pukul 2, galah yang ditinggalkan telah ditemui oleh kakak saya yang tiada di tempat kejadian. menurut saksi, iaitu saya, beliau telah mendengar jeritan mangsa yang serak. Apabila saksi menemui mangsa, mangsa menunding jarinya pada tingkap biliknya yang ada galah dan mendapati handbagnya telah hilang!!
Ibu mangsa yang turut dikejutkan oleh jeritan mangsa lekas bangun dari tidurnya yang amat lena dan membuka pintu belakang untuk menyiasat. Beliau hanya menemui galah dan jacket mangsa yang ditinggalkan oleh lelaki bodoh itu. Kemudian, adik mangsa iaitu saksi (orang yang sama ^__^) telah memandu kereta boyfriend mangsa dan mencari di sekitar kawasan perumahan, dengan harapan akan menemui baki handbag itu.

*Gambar-gambar kelihatan blurr blurr kerana telah ditangkap dengan kamera 0.3 mega pixel*

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Hey guys!!

I wanted to blog when i came back from camp, but the damn assingment is making my life span so much shorter!! aihz..

Lucky now finish my assignemnts ad!! hehe..

Btw, the camp was damn fun, I cried, I prayed, I got to know one of my classmate, Dennis, and I got to eat delicious foods!! haahaha..

I wanna post the pictures i tookl during camp but not even a single picture is with me.. so I'll post pictures I took before the camp, during the nteball competition I participated in.. heheh.. and won.. second.. hahaa

*Still got more to upload, but the connection failed me~~ aihz!~

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Got some pictures but only got them now.. so maybe its not too late to post them? hahaha

All these pictures were taken in Cathay Cineplex.. ^__^

Does the sword I'm holding looks real? hahha

~soh jor~

The thing by the right side damn cute right? haahaha

Mommy and her two beautiful daughters! hahha

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

我做了一个决定, 从今天开始我要珍惜所有爱我的人, 包括我的家人还有我所有的朋友..








haha, sorry, just trying out my chinese.. hahah..
just babling~~ ^__^
of coz i got help from ppl la.. (sammy mainly) hahaha..

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Just came back from my family outing with my dad, mom , sis, auntie and and cousins.. We went to Actually Thai in Pyramid there.. the tomyam seafood was not bad, a bit spicy only~~ but the weird thing is, THERE IS NO COCONUT WATER!! Where got thai restaurant no coconut water punya? aihz, disappointed ad.. hahaha.. but we did take some nice pictures there.. hehehe..

my mommy and sis

me and my mommy

sis and I

again.. heheh.. we dun look alike kan??

tis is my dad~~

We went a nd buy J Co doughnut lagi!! heheh.. tml got lunch to eat ad~~

WA, damn dilemma yesterday.. I've never cried so much in one day.. hahha.. but now everything is over and done with!! What a relief!! Now i can go on without any doubts.. Thank God!!

Thank you to everyone yesterday for your support.. and Welcome Dennis to CYC!! hehhee.. what a funny guy~ can't wait to go for the camp!! and I'm so done with the assignment for CRR.. dunno what's the result but hopefully I've done enough for the assignment.. College gonna open soon, can't wait actually, kinda miss college life.. Been 'working' lately and not having time to stay at home and rot.. Now i finally can!! hahaahha..

And Happy Mother's Day to my mom.. Will go and celebrate later..
Love you forever, mom!!! Thanks for everything.. MUAKS!!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Work?? or merely to shop?? aihz, today was suppose to work but due to some complication, was not able to, but went kai kai with Sammy and Kah Inn instead.. haha.. They came and teman me today!! hehe.. hopefully everyday i work also got ppl teman!! den syok giler..~~

We went shoppin and bought lots of stuff.. i bought a pants, a shirt, 2 books and a pair of heels; Sammy also bought a pair of shoes from the same shop and Big Apple doughnuts; Kah Inn pulak beli kasut dari kedai yang sama dan a white bag.. fun fun, we get to shopping.. believe it or not, we have never shop together before (as in the three of us together)..

sorry sammy and kah inn, very lazy wanna edit the pic..

~kah inn~

camwhorers in the supermarket

Big Apple doughnut..

and and must introduce to you all!!

new flavour = Duren Duren!! Durian flavour punya.. SEDAP giler wei!!!

~until now I'm still drooling over it~ ^__^

oh, and after my shopping time, I went back to Sammy house and waited for Robin to fetch me to MidValley. Why? to celebrate Pui San's b'day, in the bowling alley.. First time oh celebrate there.. them the bowling ppl broadcast the birthday song for us also.. haha..


looks like some rave party right? hahha

oh, and i wrapped my mother's day present yesterday.. hehe.. cantik-kan i wrap?? haha.. lucky she dunno how to read blogs, if not she'll find out what i got for her..

~~final product~~

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

tired tired tired

Today's job was.... uneventful. Among the different type of people i meet today includes a mother who relies on her 9 year old daughter when they shops coz she cant see very well, a lesbian couple, a couple who keep running away from me every single time i wanna approach them (aihz!!), and a tall + good looking + hot body guy (this guys do exist!!) looking for the orange juice squeezer.. I'm wondering do they still produce hose squeezer?

what else?? And for lunch, I ate sushi..!! hehehe.. and bread story punya polo pau~~ sedap oh!! And i have to eat all alone, thanks to a certain WONKY that ffk-ed my.. hahaha.. Owh, and for my dinner, Thanks to Victor for dropping by 1 Utama to pass me the bread you baked.. not bad ah your bread, sorry i couldn't enjoy it as much as I'm not a fan of raisin.. but it was good.. what's inside oh??

my sushi.. haha.. can see the wasabi~~??
my pass to work.. can see the number??
guess how does the number relates to me?? HEHEEH


Forgot to post this earlier, that day after service we went to 2046 in Kuchai Lama and celebrated Kar seng's birthday..
HAPPY BIRTHDAY again, my didi Joseph!!

Leong Kar Seng, the fat fella~~

praying real hard?? for wat? girls?? hahaha

the boys~~

He accepting his B'day card..
~more like receiving certificate of achievement~ hahha
jasmine plum (super big!)

haha, half eaten already deb's rice..
my rice awal sudah habis makan.. hahha

B'day boy punya cake..
haha, one peice only, but got ice cream..


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