Thursday, February 21, 2008

bye siang..!!

Its been 3 months since Shiu Siang came back to Malaysia.. After a year of not meeting her, finally can meet her for the 2nd time {kat pizza hut}.. this time however to bid FAREWELL..!! Feel kinda sad becoz she's leaving but life goes on and she have to continue her studies in Australia..

To Siang:
Great knowing ya for almost 6 years, going on 7 years now~~
we've went through ups and downs together and thanks for being by my side all this while esp through my down-est point..
Though its been 4 of us together (you, me, eli and sam) but you and I have always been close~~
thanks for everything you've gave me from presents to souvenir and also all the support and care you have for me..
Hope our friendship will last until we get marrried and have kids.. hahhhah..
Take care of yourself in Aust and eat well~~
love ya always.. MUAKS!! hahaha..

-siang & ms-

~me, siang, fang~

-eli & ms-

Friday, February 15, 2008

haha.. i had a date-less valentine outing today.. i went out with Sammy to Mid valley and watched my dear Jay chou's movie - Kung Fu DUnk..~~

I was expecting more from this movie actually.. so was kinda disappointed when the movie ended.. but consider he so bloody bergaya in the movie, i forgive him la.. Secret was way better than this movie.. but this movie got a lot of stars in it - Chen Bo lin, Eric Tsang, Charlene, Ng Man Tat, and other characters I see from Hong Kong and Taiwan shows..

i see a different side of JAy in this movie - the retarded side.. He damn gila retarded in the movie (but damn gila cute!!) hahha..

nothing much to blog bout today since nothing REALLY happened except walking around in Mid valley for bout 3 hours..

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Chor 1 - Chor 3

This time of new year I went back to Ipoh (again..!!) with my family.. This time was different cause my dad booked hotel to stay.. (something different - no need stay in my aunts house ^__^) We stayed 2 night in the hotel called "Dragon and Pheonix"..

Chor 1 my schedule was kinda packed as we visited house by house and I was busy collecting ang pau~~ hahaha!!..
Chor 2 was kinda relaxing as we traveled around Ipoh and shopping complex (damn small only!!).. we wanted to watch CJ7 but all was fully booked.. even kung fu dunk is fully booked.. feeling dissapointed we went shoping instead and I got myself a bag (paid by my dad, of coz).. damn big bag - for college use (no need tumpang Kien's bag ad.. ^__^)
Chor 3 was damn tiring as I only remember sitting in the car and get my ass flattened..
we drove from Ipoh to Penang for lunch and visit my 4th uncle and his family (1 and the half hour) and then from Penang to KL (almost 4 hours).. then reach KL ad my 1st uncle belanja makan dinner in big restaurant pulak..
haha, damn nice the food there in the restaurant!! damn fulling..
After makan I went to my frens house to gamble and lost bout RM 60 or more..
DAmn sakit hati..!! haihz!!
lucky my ang pau money can cover it.. HAHAHA

my cousin's son (damn gila cute..!!)

~~on the way to Penang~~
In the restaurant:

sang ha min

fat pork meat
fu juk, i think~~

last but not least: C-R-A-B..!!!
The 30th Night

When every family is having dinner at with their family, mine did too~~ haha..
we prepared our own STEAMBOAT at home..
my sis and I prepared the chicken soup and tom yam soup ourselves.. and it tasted NOT BAD..!!
Den we had lots of vegetables and meat on the table together with clams, prawns and even 'fatt choy'..
Will be goin back to Ipoh for CNY for chor 1 and chor 2 den to Penang for chor 3..

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

This time I went to Pyramid for my 2nd round of CNY clothes hunting.. I still got left over money to spend..~~ hahaha...

This time i bought a pair of jeans, a covered shoe (pic) and a sandal only!!! Kinda lil' right?? ish. wanna buy more stuff de, but 'mm seh tak'(keberatan) my money pulak.. ~~aihz~~ but never mind, keep my money for rainy days.. Den after my trip to Ipoh (Chor 1-Chor 3), I will have money for 3rd round of shopping ad..!! hahhaha~~ *cant wait..!!*

i really like this shoe~~ not bad right? ^__^

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Went for CNY shopping today..!! Since got money to shop ad (thanks to Mr. James Kong and Mrs. Teng) hahahha!! Finally after so bloody long time of suffering with insufficient money to spend, I finally can 'berlagak' like anak orang kaya and spend money like water...!! {syok-ness}

I went to 1 Utama, Sg. Wang and Times Square today to search for any nice tops, bottoms and heels.. Lucky i managed to buy something..!! Not just "something", lots of things.. haha.. and this is only my first round.. I still got second round in Pyramid on Monday!! hahaha.. ~~I'm planning to buy a white covered heel and a purple covered flat shoe there~~

I managed to buy these today :
[spend bout Rm150 inclusive of transport and food]

White: Half Jacket: Rm 19.90 [SW]

White: Knee lenght dress: Rm 44.10 [1U]

Dark green: T-shirt: Rm10 [SW]

Dark brown: Casual top: Rm 25 [TS]