Sunday, July 27, 2008

woo hoo~~!!

YAY, finally i can blog.. heheh.. wanted to blog bout my trip to Genting but no pics to upload la.. but nvm, i can tell you all.. IT WAS SO DARN FUN IN GENTING...!! thanks to all my mafia players: Deborah, Dennis, Edmund, HSL, Jason, Joanne, LPH and Sue May, I had such a blast there.. there was just so much laughing and mafia-ing (almost everywhere we went).. I would definitely go n a trip with them again~~!! to langkawi this time ya~!! I miss those times..!!

Pictures are here: (finally..~~)

But what I really wanna blog about today is the street party i worked for just now. Have you ever heard of Chris Daughtry? Well, he was the main attraction for this event called 'Traffic Jam Street Party' in 1 Utama. I was one of their crew and got to be in kinda up-close and not-so-personal with him. I was there when he was rehearsing for the show and was in the VIP box during his entire performance. Oh, Daniel Lee (Malaysian Idol) also performed and I got to take pictures with him!! HAHAHHA.. so happy!! he is really small size man~~!! so unmanly of him! hahaha..

Woo-hoo!! Daughtry rox..!!

CAn you see that its Daniel?! hahaha..
The pic kinda blurr la, bodo camera!!

Me posing for the event~ ngek ngek~

Sammy and I

my PJI frens~

~toilet in we~

~Feeling rich, we went to sakae sushi and eat~ hahahha.. * I'm officially in LOVE with Sakae Sushi~!*

The next thing I've been meaning to blog about is this concert, no.. it's more like a stage play in Bangwsar Shopping complex. It's called 'Forever Plaid'. Its is performed by 4 European guy- Frankie, Smudge, Jinx and Sparkie (kinda cute.. ^__^). the show was full with a lot of singing, acting and dancing. It was so hilarious and cool, maklumlah, first time see this kinda play real life. hehehhe.. we went and take picture with them after their play, HEHEHE

*love them to the max max max!!*

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Sky of Love

Koizora (恋空, lit. Sky of Love?) is a Japanese comedy film and a drama series based on a "mobile phone novel" (ケータイ小説, keitai shosetsu) written by a young woman named Mika. Based on a novel published on a cell phone site, Koizora is a movie about a girl Mika who falls in love with her classmate when she enters high school. With the romance came some unfortunate incidents involving rape, abortion and betrayal. Leads for the movie include Aragaki Yui and Haruma Miura.

And here I intoduce to you all, the actor of Sky of Love, Haruma Miura.
He is so damn hot in that movie..
FYI: the movie is so darn sad, made me cry je..

His Profile:

Name: 三浦春馬
Name (romaji): Miura Haruma
Profession: Actor and singer
Birthdate: 1990-Apr-05
Birthplace: Ibaraki, Japan
Height: 178cm
Weight: 63kg
Star sign: Aries
Blood type: AB

And this is the actress of the movie, Aragaki Yui.
- No comment - hahhaha..

Oh, last but not least, the trailer of the movie.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

This guys voice is super addictive..
Khalil Fang Da Tung
Song: Ai Ai Ai (Love Love Love)

Monday, July 14, 2008

Assunta Spirit Alive

Wow, it's been a while since I've any connection with my high school. So I've decided to teman my mom for this concert held in Dewan Sivic in conjunction with the 50th jubilee years of Assunta Secondary School. The concert was not bad, a bit boring here and there but overall it was okay. There was many dancing, singing, acting and most importantly I got to sing my school song which i have not even sang it for 2 years, and surprisingly I still remember how to sing it clearly. It just comes out my mouth so smoothly, but sure la, after 5 years of singing them every Monday morning. the finale for the concert was kinda touching, as they re-act the history of the school: It all started with Sister Enda and a few other nuns. I took pictures of this concert but it's kinda blur, so bear with it ya people! hehehe..

Feeling like posting my school song up as well.. ^__^

Sing! Let all voices unite in joyful harmony
Salute our school flag, the symbol of our unity
Brown and white the colours which each of us must now uphold
Our good behaviour in school - and out - reaps joys untold

God bless our school! Let your truth and love found herein
Affect our lives day by day, And keep the future free from sin
God bless our homes, and our parents who take your place
And may we prove gratitude, By using well our school days
Bless each of our teachers too
For the love and care they show to us
Bless each one of us and pupils of the past
This is our prayer!

School days are numbered, and one day we must take our place
As loyal members of our beloved Malaysian race
Here in Assunta we live as one large family
In preparation for what the future lives must be

Wherever we go, over land, or sky, or sea
Our thought will tum to PJ and our Alma Mater - ASSUNTA
Ideals learnt here will guide us wherever we'll be
As we look back there will be that Guiding Star to light our way

Ever and evermore, to Assunta we pledge loyalty
"Ad Veritatem per Caritatem" - Assunta
Truth and charity will be our rule!
We'll be ever faithful to our school!

This song is written by a nun, so its goes REALLY slow~~
Can you imagine my momday mornings in school??

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Big uncle's b'day~

Aihz, a bit the lazy wanna blog de, but took pictures ad in the restaurant, so.. blog je la.. hahaha

Today is my first uncle's b'day, so we went to the Golden Dragon restaurant in Paramount Garden yesterday for dinner.

I've been posting alot of food pictures, haven't I?? hahaha, dun see my face, you all should be happy right?? hahaha..

Shark fin soup..!! hahaha

Chicken with some sweet sauce

Asam fish

I love this: mayonise prawn..!!

And also, vege.. (yucks..)

Got lots more, erm.. desserts, cake, pencake, and mihun..
but didn;t take picture.. too busy eatin.. hahaha